I enjoy speaking to schools, organizations and conferences and spreading the word about lettering and typography. I have spoken to the AIGA and AAF, at Typo Technica, TypeCon, TDC and TypoBerlin, at colleges such as Art Center, Ball State University and KU, and at the III Delphic Conference in 2009 in South Korea. Tailoring my presentation to the audience, my talks run the gamut from the general (Alphabet Soup with a little of everything thrown in), to the specific (The Top 10 Things Everyone Should Know About T & A [type and alphabets] from which my video The Top Ten Things Everyone Should Know About Fonts derives).

I presented Traces of the Brush  at Typo Berlin in 2005 about the role of hand lettering in the computer age (and the role of the computer in producing hand lettering for graphic design). The theme of the conference was Change. Indeed.

I was the keynote speaker at TypoTechnica in Heidelberg, Germany in 2002 and presented My Dream of a Perfect Font Tool which was a look at the pros and cons of various lettering and type creation programs with a sci-fi twist.

Last year I spoke to a local art school, and spoke at TypeCon in Seattle in August, 2016.
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