Writings about writing
{making letters that is}

I love writing of all kinds...making letters, words, stories, e-mail. So when I recently dug up these articles and turned them into PDF files to send people, the next obvious move was to share them on the web.

Calligraphy's Role in Hollywood is part memoir and part observation of the influence of handlettering in Hollywood: from the parties and props, to the key art and titles. Filled with anecdotes, explication and lots of lettering art, this article is a fairly large download.

The Flow of Ink was written as an attempt to explain my subjective experience of writing and creating ... in psychological, metaphysical, spiritual or whatever terms came to mind.

Tips for all Types My advice on when handlettering is the best solution, when a job needs a custom, modified or can best use an existing font.

Feel free to click on the image to the right to download them and print for your own personal use.

You are welcomed to quote from them as long as proper credit is given and the article may be reproduced as long as you contact me about it first. And your comments are welcome.

Lettering for film & TV
Some of the lettering I've done for film, TV and ads is back up now. Take a look!

This is my play space, a place for writing, photographs, paintings, animation, video and anything else I may desire to put up here. I plan to have separate categories for all of my diversions...so come back!

Me and...
A gallery of self-portraits with others.
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Korea and the Delphic games
Slides from my trip, show, judging, talk & more.

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